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The Joint Health Education Center, located in Hendersonville, North Carolina, will soon be the most innovative healthcare facility in the region.

Seeking to be a place of collaboration for healthcare providers and education, the Center sits on the campus of Pardee Hospital, home also to Wingate University’s Pharmacy and Physician Assistant programs and Blue Ridge Community College’s Nursing and Surgical Technology programs.

Rival Construction has had a unique opportunity to be a part of this ground-breaking project. The Joint Health Education Center contains a cutting-edge cancer center with a Linear Accelerator Vault. This vault, built by Rival, has over 500 cubic yards of concrete alone, and the concrete walls and ceilings are 6 feet thick!

While the Linear Accelerator Vault was no small task, it was just a portion of Rival’s overall work on the Center. In all, the Center will be a 3-story building with 95,000 square feet. It contains 160 tons of rebar and a total of 4,368 cubic yards of concrete.

We are certain that the Joint Health Education Center will be a place of community, collaboration and cultivation, serving the region for years to come. Thankful to be a part of this innovative facility, we hope it is a testament to the future of education and healthcare, where students are inspired and medical professionals are encouraged by rising generations.

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A Look at the Charity Clay Classic 2016

Thank you to all who sponsored and attended the Charity Clay Classic!

Thanks for taking time to give back to MANNA FoodBank and spending your day with us. We hope you had a blast, and we look forward to seeing you at the shoot next year!

The Crossings at Reynolds Mountain

Baby Boomers, they’ve raised their children, emptied their nests and are now settling into retirement.

And at 77 million strong, the Boomers are flocking to retirement communities, assisted-living homes and new condos with modern amenities included – like gyms, pools, pickle ball courts and manicured lawns just to name a few. Rival Construction is intent on making sure these Boomers have a place to call their own, and Asheville seems to be the prime location for retirees.

In 2015 Asheville was voted most popular place to retire, and we can see why. With its backdrop of mountains, plethora of delicious restaurants and mild weather, Asheville beat out Charleston, South Carolina and Sarasota, Florida for the top spot. Retirement communities are now popping up through out Asheville, and Rival just completed one such community.

The Crossings at Reynolds Mountain is a four-story retirement community and assisted-living facility. Rival provided a turnkey concrete package for the project working with 2800 cubic yards of concrete and 51 tons of rebar. The building covered 101,800 square feet and now offers 172 rooms to retirees.

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Project Highlight: Asheville’s City Centre

Just East of downtown Asheville sits a new, 4-story, office building with a 3-story parking garage.

This is Asheville’s new City Centre, home to BB&T bank’s regional offices, Roberts & Stevens law firm and several other companies.

Rival Construction played a large role in the City Centre’s completion. We completed all the structural concrete – slabs, walls, walks, etc. – with a turnkey concrete package. This included 580 cubic yards (cy) of concrete in the footings, 460 cy of concrete in the walls, 1920 cy of concrete in the slabs and 125 tons of rebar in the footings and walls. The entire project covered 164,259 sq. ft.

Our detailed planning, site utilization and delivery were key to the City Centre’s success. The project was built on a site with zero clearances and in conjunction with the new Hilton Garden Inn, an 8-story hotel located on the same site.

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