General Contracting

The funny thing about general contracting is the term is so ambiguous and inclusive that it’s hard to distinguish what makes one GC different from another. So what sets Rival apart and what services do we offer as part of our general contracting that others don’t?

To our clients, time is money. They want a general contractor that they can count on, a GC they know can do it all, do it well, and do it on time. Rival Construction has built its business on delivering exactly that… confidence.

At Rival, our client-focused responsiveness marks our approach to any project, regardless of budget. Whether it’s collaborating with numerous contractors, supplying easy start-to-finish design/build, or producing expansive state projects, Rival brings an in-depth project management experience to meet the requirements of each and every job. No matter how specific, Rival’s general contracting can get it done.

  • Commercial General Contractor

  • licensed commercial contractor